Web Clients have spent both time and financial resources in the creation of slick, easy to use Internet, Intranet and Extranet touch points to communicate with their clients, suppliers, staff and all other stake holders. It stands to reason they would wish to measure how successful these endeavours are in their web channel performance reporting.

Vigilmetrics does not restrict clients to merely using their own developed real-time and/or log-file based tracking solutions but also cater for clients who wish to continue using their existing products. Where other products are already in place, Vigilmetrics simply links to these databases in order to fetch the information required to present the performance scorecards and dashboards.

Areas of web metrics includes visitor behaviour and web content ratings and typical questions clients would like to have answered are along the lines of:

  • How many visitors do I get to my site?
  • Do my visitors only come once or do they become loyal to my site?
  • How long do these visitors stay?
  • Which pages are attracting the most interest?
  • How do my visitors navigate through my site?
  • Which countries do my visitors come from?
  • Are my visitors filling in the online forms? If so, do they complete them or can I pin point the drop off areas?
  • Which web sites and search engines are referring visitors to my site?
  • What is the cost per click of my keyword advertising?

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