Telephony With the volume of telephone calls going through company telephony systems our clients have expressed a need for performance metrics concerning these client touch points which can be combined with all other communication types.

As with call centre communication, telephony is a two-way metric. Inbound calls from your clients requesting information, support, etc as well as outbound calls. Vigilmetrics provides comprehensive and detailed reporting, scorecards and dashboards for both in- and outbound contacts within your telephony channel.

Areas of telephony performance metrics include inbound and outbound caller volume and duration, business area analysis and typical questions clients would like to have answered are along the lines of:

Inbound Telephony

  • How many calls do we receive on an average day?
  • What is the duration of an average call?
  • How often are calls escalated?
  • What is the speed of a call resolution?
  • How do our agents perform versus process?
  • What is the breakdown of calls by:
    • each agent, branch, region, province, country
    • time of day, day of week, week, month, quarter, year
    • product, department, sales cycle

Outbound Telephony

  • How many calls have been made by our staff?
  • What is the overall average time of calls?
  • When are calls being made?
  • Who are calls being made to?
  • How much time in total does it take to resolve inbound queries?

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