Spreadsheet Reporting

Web Vigilmetrics Spreadsheet Reporting is the answer for clients who have a myriad of performance spreadsheets they update on a regular basis. While they may be constantly encouraged to pursue good data governance and stick to a source or centralised system, the temptation is too great for users to turn to the simplicity and manageability of spreadsheets.

The Spreadsheet Reporting tool allows you to turn these manually, and sometimes quite complex spreadsheets into simple, flexible and effortless Intelligent Reporting!

Spreadsheet Reporting will formalise your spreadsheet data and improve your reporting integrity. We propose a 5 stage ‘data life cycle’ to achieve this migration from spreadsheet anarchy to Intelligent Reporting! The 5 C’s of Vigilmetrics Spreadsheet Reporting are:

  • Create – use spreadsheets as a reporting creation tool
  • Capture – centralise and formalise the report data
  • Clean – sanitise the data to ensure it conforms to requirements and parameters
  • Collate – before publishing your data make sure all different sources have been gathered
  • Channel - display the data through any interface or reporting channel you desire i.e. dashboards, scorecards, reports etc.

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