Social Media

Social Media Social Media is still very much the darling of the marketing industry and where companies are gaining ground from their competitors there are active social media campaigns playing out on a daily basis.

There are billions of pieces of content being shared each month YouTube, Facebook and Twitter with many other social media platforms sprouting up on a regular basis. What’s even more staggering is that this phenomenon has not yet reached its peak. Monitoring of these communication sources is vital to our clients and by keeping them updated they are able to respond immediately to both positive and negative sentiments being generated amongst their client base.

Areas of social media performance management metrics includes subscriber behaviour and content sentiments and typical questions clients would like to have answered are along the lines of:

  • How many followers do I have on Twitter?
  • What are people Tweeting about my brand?
  • Are the messages being spread positive or negative?
  • How many visitors do I get on my Blog?
  • Which country do my blog visitors come from?
  • How many conversations does my blog generate?
  • How many videos do I have on You Tube?
  • How often are my videos viewed?
  • What is the demographic profile of people viewing my message?

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