Management Reporting

Web Vigilmetrics Management Reporting is an all-purpose solution which is equally impressive wherever your reporting needs are - Sales, Marketing, IT, HR, Manufacturing, Safety and Security, Finance, Project Management, etc. Whatever your business information needs are Vigilmetrics is the solution for you.

Vigilmetrics Management Reporting is a powerful and flexible reporting engine:

  • Whoever your reporting requirements are for – Executive or Steering Committees, customer reports or any other reporting committee.
  • Whatever your required reporting format – dashboards, granular drilldowns, scorecards, management reporting.

Enjoy the reporting capabilities of:

  • Powerful data visualisation
  • Drilldowns to various layers of details
  • Collation of data from multiple sources and formats into a single interface
  • Mouse-overs to provide expanded detail and insight
  • The ability to add notations to graphs to improve collaboration and information sharing
  • Interactive maps
  • Filters to slice and dice your data perspectives
  • Customized to the look and feel of your management pack

Vigilmetrics Management Reporting has been created for you!

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