Measure Manager

Vigilmetrics Measure Manager is a performance management tool. The core modules that form the foundation of performance delivery are:

  • Measure Dictionary and Measure Library provide governance and maintenance of your enterprise's KPIs.
  • Measure Trees - how measures are constructed and what their underlying composite measures are.
  • Measure Maps - the orientation and location of a measure in relation to its position in a value driver tree i.e. the upstream and downstream measures relating to your selected measure.

Other modules include:

  • Strategy Maps – build your own strategy maps from objectives and themes created in the Measure Dictionary and Measure Library.
  • Process Maps – build your processes and attach your measures to the relevant stages/steps in the process.
  • Advanced Workflow – allows more steps and checks in the basic workflow offered.
  • Value Driver Trees – connect your Measure Trees to source data to gain a visual display of where value is being created or lost in the organisation.
  • Scorecards and dashboards – build your own reporting requirements to visualise performance.

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