Email Manager

Email Manager Vigilmetrics Email Manager is your email management console. It includes a recipient maintenance and email sending portion as well as a front end reporting interface which presents the results of your email marketing in scorecards, dashboards with KPI's and granular detail level drill-down reporting.

Email Manager allows you to perform the following valuable tasks:

  • Create report emailing schedules to sets of email addresses This means that Vigilmetrics reporting on all or any of your channels, can be scheduled at different time intervals for respective managers and users.
  • Send email campaigns through the Vigilmetrics post office. These campaigns can be targeted, segmented and monitored regardless of the volume that needs to be sent. Restrictions can also be put in place so that only authorised personnel have access to this facility.
  • Maintain and select the recipient databases used above, to set up HTML emails and schedule when they should be sent. The whole process is guided by an easy step-by-step wizard.
  • View Channel Measurement reports.
  • Understand the impact of your campaigns and the Cross Channel impact between your Email and other digital channels.

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