Data Manager

Data Manager Vigilmetrics Data Manager is a powerful tool built to collect data from multiple locations. Data collected can be sanitised for further use in performance reporting – whether this is one of the Vigilmetrics solutions or an existing system a client has.

The advantages you will enjoy by using Data Manager are:

  • Data collection is possible from multiple locations.
  • There are no restrictions in platforms or formats from which data can be collected.
  • Data once received can be sanitised or altered to fit the format required for eventual performance reporting. Part of this process can be compression, filtering and categorising of data.
  • Data collection can be scheduled at the most convenient times when no unnecessary load is placed upon the crucial business infrastructure during the work day.
  • Built-in intelligence to know when data is complete and for how long it should try to gather missing pieces.
  • Ideal ETL and data gathering tool to compliment any existing data warehouse systems you have in place.
  • Vigilmetrics or any other performance reporting tool can be integrated with Data Manager to present performance management reports to business.

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