Cross Channel

Cross Channel Where Single Channel analytics allows clients to view the performance of individual marketing channels and Clustered Channels enables them to mix and match their combined offering, Cross Channel analytics is specialised in measuring the effect of one channel’s activities upon others. In effect, Cross Channel analytics is an integrated view of the overall marketing accomplishments of the company.

Cross Channel analytics strives to uncover key channel, operational and behavioural synergies that customers may be acting upon during their decision making process. While this may be a very complicated challenge, we look to attack this problem by:

  • Consolidating metrics into comparable formats to make cross channel performance measurement meaningful.
  • Data analysis services to uncover and investigate any patterns, hunches or anomalies that may be observed in behaviour activity.
  • A Continuous Improvement Framework to ensure that improved cross channel growth is an on-going process rather than just a one-off event.

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