Channel Measurement

Web Vigilmetrics Channel Measurement is equipped with unique and powerful capabilities once the solution is gathering and reporting on each of your marketing channels.

With access to a client’s information systems we can interrogate the data to fulfil any of our client’s data mining requests and then also build the new reports either as a once-off or incorporated as part of our Intelligent Reporting suite.

The most powerful aspect to our Channel Measurement solution is that with the access to the gathered data we can identify opportunities and provide channel managers with the realm of enhanced and personalised insight they are looking for.

Vigilmetrics Channel Measurement solution covers:

  • Customer Activity Trends and Behaviour
  • Product Affinity Relationships
  • Cross Channel Inter-relationships
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Performance Metrics, KPI's and Report design, building and support
  • Dashboards Design
  • Scorecards Design
  • Channel Performance Audits

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