Call Centre

Call Centre Call centres and contact centres require detailed and immediate performance measurement reporting to ensure management can capitalise on opportunities, optimise performance and service to fulfill customer experience promises and attend to problems before they escalate. Performance and activity information is critical to maintain optimal channel performance and cross network harmony.

Call Centre communication is two-way for most of our clients. Inbound calls from their clients requesting information, support, etc as well as outbound calls which are typically marketing and sales related campaigns. Vigilmetrics provides comprehensive channel activity and behavioural insight, scorecards and dashboards for both in- and outbound contacts within your Call Centre channel.

Areas of Call Centre metrics include caller volume, duration, resolution and call centre agent analysis and typical questions clients would like to have answered are along the lines of:

Inbound Call Centre

  • How many callers does the call centre deal with on a daily basis?
  • What is the average duration of a call?
  • How many calls need to be escalated?
  • What is the average speed of a call resolution?
  • How are the call centre agents performing?
  • What types of queries does the call centre deal with?
  • Which products receive the most calls?

Outbound Call Centre

  • How many calls does the call centre make on a daily basis?
  • What is the average duration of a call?
  • Who were the calls made to?
  • What time of day were the calls made?

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