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Vigilmetrics will provide you with meaningful, visually appealing dashboards, scorecards and performance measurement reports.

7 Great Reasons why Vigilmetrics is Your Preferred Measurement Solution:

  • Reporting is real (no sampling - straight from source), relevant (personalised), reflective and resonates with meaningful information regarding performance, activity and trends.
  • Performance measurement which understands your business and has built-in alerts to advise you of performance breeches instantly.
  • A centralised view of all your channel and business metrics in a comparable (apples with apples) format.
  • Accountability metrics for all third party service providers used, such as agencies, consultants and contractors. Management of projects and campaigns is now transparent and all parties become accountable through comparable and common information.
  • Detailed insight through a comprehensive range of reports with an infinite number of drill downs - allowing you to delve into the level detail that best suits your requirements.
  • Affordable. Vigilmetrics solutions can be acquired piecemeal i.e. performance measurement reports are added as and when they are required or become relevant. Vigilmetrics can be sourced in a SaaS (Software as a Service) or as an in-house offering. Where you may have budget restrictions this means you can map a solution path from SaaS initially and then migrate to an in-house solution at a later stage.
  • Ease of use and simplicity of reporting. The strong data visualisation and mapping capabilities allow for at-a-glance interpretation and spotting of behavioural shifts and patterns.

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