Antfarm is the leading provider of streaming services to broadcasters, government and corporate South Africa. Their clients range from top JSE listed companies, to government and to both community and commercial broadcasters. Antfarm provides products and services for streaming, webcasting, podcasting and encrypted content delivery. If it’s video or audio, and it’s going over the Internet, they know how to do it.

Internet Solutions

One of Vigilmetrics' key distribution alliances is with Internet Solutions. This partnership with South Africa's largest Network Service Provider allows us to offer the highest reliability, speed and fluency to our valued client base. Furthermore, we are extremely proud that IS has exclusively chosen our products to be their de facto standard offering within Hosting Solutions, a testimony to our relentless ambition to be South Africa's premium tracking and monitoring offering.


Turbotree Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a business consulting company resolutely focused on boosting its clients growth and performance frontiers and cultivating an innovative approach to today's business challenges. Together with highly qualified consultants from Tirbotree we can offer further indepth interpretation, analysis and benchmarking of your online performance. Turbotree is a reseller in our Johannesburg and Durban regions.