Welcome to Vigilmetrics

Vigilmetrics is a provider of world-class end-to-end performance measurement and management solutions.

If your organisation is serious about outperforming the competition, thriving in challenging environments, optimising your channels and processes and exciting your customers – then putting a performance measurement framework and reporting system in place is imperative to monitoring your business and aligning to your strategic objectives.

By using our flexible data collection approach (i.e. accessing data from any source or system, including spreadsheets!) we are able to offer performance solutions for all your measurement and metrics requirements. We will help you to define and identify your KPIs; house them in a robust repository; build strategy maps; provide you with automated dashboards and scorecards, as well as allow you to gain detailed performance insight through value driver trees.

Vigilmetrics measurement tools are relevant across all industries and scalable to all organisation sizes. Our industry specific solutions can be further customised to provide you with high impact, keystone performance reporting.

Vigilmetrics is also non-intrusive. It will compliment your existing Business Intelligence, ERP and IT investments and fill any requirement gaps you may have – intelligently, simply and cost-effectively.

If you are looking for improved reporting, or need a performance measurement, management and reporting tool for your organisation’s performance framework (balanced scorecard, six sigma, TQM etc.) – Vigilmetrics will get your information into the optimal performance reporting format.

If you’re tracking the data, we can help you visualise and interpret it. If you need to communicate your strategy to employees, govern your KPIs or translate your objectives into actions, we can help you to bring these powerful assets to life. If you demand reliable and accessible decision making insight, we can help you customise our performance suite. If you’re serious about performance we can help you realise your true potential.

Contact us now to see how Vigilmetrics solutions will bring your metrics to life!