About Us

Vigilmetrics is one of the leading performance delivery partners in supplying clients with performance management tools, dashboards and reporting requirements. The easy to interpret and visually appealing scorecards, performance dashboards and business reporting provides insight into your business and enhance decision making to boost your performance to the next level.

Through years of dedicated service to our ever growing client base, Vigilmetrics prides itself in delivering products and solutions that are of the same high highly acclaimed standards as those of their international counterparts. Our clients benefit from our analytic solutions and services of thought leaders whose expertise and experience are on par with world class standards.

Vigilmetrics boasts an impressive blue chip client base that embraces all industry sectors including financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, government and education to name a few.

It has been our experience that there isn’t a business out there whose performance can’t be measured! If you’re tracking the data, we can provide you with superior data visualisation and interpretation. That’s our promise to you!